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Eastman Architectural Glass Systems has design, fabrication and installation capabilities of a number of different type of frameless glass fencing systems enabling you to have a attractive, secure and most importantly a safe solution with the advantages of an almost undisputed view. Fixed Face, Spigot Mounted, Channel Set or Semi Frameless Fixed Post options will provide almost limitless options for most environments.

Spigot Mounted Glass Balustrades  
High grade stainless steel mini posts known as Spigot's that support the glass panels providing a classic look and combination of stainless steel and frameless glass.
Channel Set Glass Baulstrades    
The glass is mounted in an aluminum structural channel or directly into the ground (adequate based required). This is a simple and cost effective method with crisp clear lines.
Semi Frameless Fixed Post Glass Balustrades    
A more traditional look for glass balustrade with nearly full height steel / stainless posts and clamps used to support the glass.
We supply and install all hinges and locks as a part of our gate packages which compliment our frameless glass fencing solutions. These options can also be used in conjunction with our balustrade solutions

Each option has it distinct and unique advantages with many of the options being designed to overcome visual, structural or environmental challenges in a multitude of different types of environments. Some of these options also include design features and components used in other aspects of architectural glass systems including frameless glass balustrades amongst others.

Each method of fixing delivers its own unique advantages both visually and practically. Feel free to contact us to discuss the various options best suited to you application.

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